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If photography is very important to you in regards to capturing a special moment in life, then you are searching in the right place because it is also very important to us as well. We have very high expectations on ourselves and almost feel like we have something to prove. Because we are twins, we grew up with a very competitive attitude towards one another; being more specific, we both had the mentality, "you're not better than me, I'm the best." 

That mentality has carried over, and today, focusing on wedding photo-shoots, we together want to be the best. That's what we feel like we have to prove, which is why you should feel confident in choosing us to work with you in capturing perhaps the most memorable moment of your life!


Alright twins, so who's older?

Jorge: haha. My twin— Joel.

Joel, does that make you the main photographer?

Joel: Well, I'm not sure if it makes me, but I am the main photographer.


Let's get a little bit more serious. Twins, what separates you from the rest of the photographers?

Joel: We are artist! We picked up a pencil at around 3 or 4 years of age, and started drawing. Because of that, we have a great understanding of lighting, composition, reflections, etc...  Right now, we have very strong photo manipulation skills.

Jorge: Yeah, going off of that, I would say great photographers know how to edit well. We feel like we do a lot when we edit pictures. We are... I guess people could say, perfectionist, to the point that when there is something that could be fixed, we are going to fix it. Or else, it's just going to bother us.

Joel: Yeah, we feel like we go the extra mile when we edit pictures. Another thing that separates us from others is how we use on-camera flash. Using on-camera flash can be tricky and I feel separates the pros from beginners. We try to stay away from flash glares on people's faces, glasses, etc and big highlights in the backgrounds because our eyes usually go to the brightest part of the photograph first.

Also, I want to mention really quick, architecture, food, portraits, and product photography all play a role in wedding photography and I feel I have experience in all of these fields.

Jorge: Oh yeah, I just thought of this too.  When we are taking pictures of other people, we try to make it as natural and real as possible. By that I mean, we don't try to force things, or put people in really uncomfortable positions, or tell them to do things that they would never do. Some of our best shots are actually when we didn't tell them how to pose and let them be who they are!

That's good to know. Would you say that you make people feel comfortable around you then?

Jorge: Well, we aren't the biggest fans of telling people how we are, because we would rather show them. But in this case, I can say that a lot of people have told us that we are very genuine people. Being men of faith, we believe  in loving others, and doing things for the well-being of them. I would say that's why we make people feel comfortable around us and trust us.

Joel, you mentioned you go the extra mile when you edit pictures. What exactly do you guys do?

Joel: Yes, great question... We do color correction, crop the image, change brightness, contrast, skin smoothing, remove blemishes, redness, oily skin, wrinkles, whiten teeth a little, we remove distracting things from the backgrounds like exit signs in the church, etc... Sometimes we get pictures when people are closing their eyes, so we swap the person's face with a different picture where they are not closing their eyes or have a better smile...

Jorge: Ultimately, we have the mindset that people shouldn't be able to point out what is wrong with the picture, but at the same time, keeping it still real and true.

How much experience do you guys have in photography?

Joel: We've been shooting with D-SLRs since 2006 when my older brother first got one. We shot our first wedding in 2009 and we didn't shoot too many after that. Part of it was because we both wanted to concentrate in school. Once we both graduated we started taking this more seriously.

I personally majored in graphic design, but I was always doing photography on the side. I am very passionate about photography. And today, I am self-employed and do a lot of commercial work including graphic design, photography, video and web design for companies—so I feel blessed! 

Jorge: Joel, I'm not really buying it; you didn't really sell it. I don't think you convinced people of why they should feel comfortable to hire us... haha

Joel: Well, we have like 70-80 weddings/quinceañera events under our belt but I have have taken pictures for many events. We feel very comfortable and confident shooting weddings. I'm at a stage where before, I used to shoot what was presented in front of me. Now I try to make the shots. I move things, ask for things, direct people, say cheesy jokes if I have to! We became knowledgeable of weddings through books, videos, blogs, but most of all, photography forums.

Why did you choose that hot pink color as the main color for your business?

Joel: Ha, we get this asked a lot, and I'm glad you asked. First, it's actually not hot pink completely, but more like magenta with a tint of orange. We chose

that color because we feel this color is bold and stands out. It's a little bit like, fearless. As photographers, that's how we want to be known, as fearless photographers—

Jorge: Of course in a respectful and safe manner.

Joel: Yeah. We want to do whatever it takes to get the right shot. It may involve getting on the ground, or standing on a chair, and things like that.

Is there anything else you want to be known for, besides being bold and fearless?

Jorge: Yes, we just want to be the best we can be.

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